More than a one-night affair…


Soaring with Swann Soirées: Fall Updates!

Whoooaa!  Where has the time gone?

Happy November! I am so Happy to share loads of updates with you all.

First, the most exciting of all the news: Swann Soirées has officially moved into our own Boutique Studio! WOOT!! I (or rather we, the Swann Squad) are sooo thrilled! Where is this studio you might ask? Well it is twelve feet away from our previous shared space. I just couldn’t stand the thought of leaving what has become my home turf when I was looking to expand into a place that could accommodate has become my fabulous team (aka: The Swann Squad)… and when a fantastic opportunity presents itself to you, you just have to jump in!! Ready or Not… GO! It’s a good thing I thrive on the fly!

But in all seriousness, having spent the last sixteen months in the Barracks 19 Building of NTC Liberty Station, our clients and colleagues have grown to love the area right along with us.  Having built relationships with all of the neighbors and surrounding businesses to nearly a family level,  the decision to move into the available space was of no contest, not to mention the ease of the move was a huge benefit. The last week has been a whirlwind as we addressed business as usual AND started remodel of the new suite. Good thing that the build-out of the previously shared space was done in 72 hours in the midst of my peak season last year… gave me good practice for this move!

For the second set of exciting updates: The Swann Squad! My spectacular team began to grow at the start of this year when Megan Mills joined Swann Soirées as lead Planner & Coordinator, taking over for Kristy Eagle who still has the occasional cameo in our soirées.  Shortly thereafter, Sherry Tarrant, Designer & Coordinator came onboard, followed by our fabulous interns, bride-to-be Ania & Foodie Fashionista, Jess.  Nothing makes a girl feel better than equally motivated & hard working associates. Seriously, our team is soaring & we’ve got some serious goals to achive. I couldn’t be happier.

On to more fun… TOYS for TOTS!!! While we are shamefully a month behind in our fundraising efforts, we will be collecting toys & monetary donations starting NOW…and YES, there will be a Giggle & Mingle 2010, mark your calendar for Friday, December 3rd. Our dear friends over at the PL Sports Grill & Pub have once again donated the venue for the party…woot!!! If you would like to donate a prize for the party please email us here. If you’d like to donate a toy or mullah (make checks payable to Toys for Tots), you can stop by the new digs or ship it to us (did I mention we have a new Boutique Studio?? Haha… yes we are excited!) The new address is: Swann Soirées 2690 Historic Decatur Rd. Suite 209, San Diego, CA 92106.

Lastly, our monthly BRIDAL NOSH has been a huge hit this year! Stoked! Due to the holidays coming up, we will not be holding a Nosh for November & December, not to fret though, we will return in January 2011!

Whoooa nelly told ya there was a lot… Thank you so much to all of our families, clients, friends, and colleagues for all of your continued love & support. You are the fuel to our motivation.