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FAB Friday: Honeysuckle Inspiration Boards

Everyday there is someone who decides what the new trends for fashion are going to be, but the decision doesn’t come from an original idea or a thought suddenly hatched out nowhere…

In the fashion industry, every trend is decided through prediction based on past trends. In other words, what goes out of style today will more than likely come back around at some point in the future. Color trends cycle exactly the same, and the color forecasters at Pantone decided that Honeysuckle would be the “It” color for 2011.

Last year’s color was Turquoise; the color of tranquil waters in a far away paradise where one could feel immune of debt & ill financial decisions. Who would have thought that the downed economy would influence color trends? Since it did, Honeysuckle was chosen to force society to face their problems rather than hide from them, as 2010’s Turquoise had done. Eager to help boost the economy, Honeysuckle forces society to respond confidently and have courage to face daily challenges…such as shopping!

No more drowning your sorrows in imaginary Turquoise Caribbean waters! In Pantone’s words, Honeysuckle is a “Courageous, Confident, and Vital color…A brave color with nothing everyday about it.” We like it!

The “It” color of 2011 can be described as an orange sherbet shade of pink, retro, and uplifting, much like a color you would have seen grandma wear in the 1950’s. It was used as a splash of wall color for home décor (accent wall anyone?) as well as in appliances… after all the 50’s was the era that made being a domestic goddess trendy and cool with it’s technological advances such as microwaves and Tupperware, in none other than Honeysuckle pink!

You will see Honeysuckle used for  fashion, cosmetics, wedding apparel, paint, home interiors, packaging and even a visa card! We highly recommend all trend-setting brides to hop on the bandwagon of a Honeysuckle-hued wedding as it takes over the world…don’t know about you, but we are perfectly fine living in a pink world…


Intern Jess & Brenda


Herb Infused Wedding Inspiration Board

Although my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, has looked over its shoulder and said “I’ll see ya next year,” the images and smells of my sage butter roasted turkey, thyme andouille sausage stuffing, rosemary red potatoes, and lavender pound cake are still lingering in my mind…and definitely on my waist. When you’re a foodie, like me, there was no denying what I’ll be sharing on our  Inspire Me Monday blog post: An herb-infused wedding!

There’s so many fun, creative ways to put together a herb themed wedding! The scent of rosemary, sage, basil, mint, thyme, and lavender can invigorate the senses visually and aromatically. As the board suggests, bundles of herbs can serve as a name or place card holder. For favors, the options are limitless! You can concoct a salt and herb rub or seasoning. If you’d like a sweeter approach, get a little gourmet by marinating herbs such as rosemary or thyme in honey and include a food or drink recipe that incorporates your personalized gift. Herbs are a beautiful and surprising addition to floral arrangements as well; centerpieces, boutonnieres, bouquets, and even ceremony decor.

During my wedding planning, at the consultation with the florist, we discussed how I LOVE herbs and wanted a natural look to the arrangements and bouquets. I shared with her how I envisioned the dinner napkins to have fresh sprigs of rosemary tied-on with colorful plaid ribbon….the ribbon complimented the flannel shirts worn by the  groomsmen. Our venue was surrounded by pine trees that hovered over a beautifully manicured garden area. I wanted  my flowers to embrace the allure of our natural setting; therefore,  elaborate floral decor was unnecessary. The florist did an amazing job with my requests! There were sprigs of sage, mint,  thyme, and lavender accenting the gorgeous bouquets, and at the ceremony, bundles of herbs wrapped in twine designated family seating.

Foodie or not, flirt with all sorts of herb inspired ideas for your wedding…it can make for a tantalizing experience for your guests!

Happy Wedding Planning and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



P.S. – Remember that these ideas are not only inspiration for your wedding but for your everyday occasions too. At my 30th birthday luncheon, I baked a bag of lavender shortbread cookies for all of the guests to enjoy. They were yum yum!


Mint Bout | Herb Centerpiece | Peach & Rosemary Sprtizer, Herb Infused Honey, Herb Place Card, Rosemary Sea Salt Favor

Thursday Details: Inspired by Ring Pillows

Since becoming part of the Swann Squad and in planning my own wedding, I’ve come to realize that there are many more details to decide on that I originally thought, one of them being the Ring Bearer’s pillow.

Who would have thought it wasn’t as easy as finding a small, pretty, and  plush pillow?

While a traditional ring pillow is beautiful, there might be something else that better fits your personality or color palette. As I was researching the options I found a so many choices! Ring bearer pillows have really become a sweet accent that can enhance the tone of your wedding… elegant, modern, chic, and from the traditional to the very unique. Like these botanical flower ring cushions and holders that look like they’re from a fairytale:

Adding a bit of personalization, you can use something like this vintage inspired doily “pillow” decorated with paper flowers, I liked this one, it’s very romantic! For an autumn wedding, why not to use a small white pumpkin, and better yet, how about a toy, like the truck (pictured) or even a doll or bear to entice the ring bearer to participate!

What sort of ring pillow do you plan on using for your wedding?


Bride-to-be Intern Ania




Traditional Pillows (top) Left | Right | Center –  Botanical Holders Doily | Pumpkin | Truck

Swann Soirées’ debut at the San Diego Bridal Bazaar

This past Sunday, August 8th, we made our debut at the Bridal Bazaar which took place at the San Diego Convention Center downtown. Having never had a show booth before, the pressure was on to make sure that this investment was both sound and inspiring to future couples. Needless to say, I am very pleased with how everything turned out (after changing my mind several times and getting advice from nearly every show vet).

I designed the booth with the intention of depicting to couples (and their accompanying family or bridal party), what the heck a Wedding Planner & Coordinator is…In 60 seconds-which is the average amount of time a person will look into a booth at a show like this, talk about pressure! Sure, to many of in the industry or those who have already been married, it’s pretty clear cut what “I do”, but some people still think that a Planner & a Coordinator are two separate people- one is like J-Lo in the movie The Wedding Planner, who costs a lot of money, and makes your wedding everything he or she wants, wears a fancy head-set, and actually runs around in heels on the wedding day! The other, is someone who costs less money, perhaps a hobbyist or newly married person who did everything themselves for their wedding so they know all the “little stuff” that needs to be taken care of on the day of your wedding. Not many people realize that “JLo” and the “Coordinator” are one in the same, for you can’t Coordinate a wedding without planning… and one can’t plan a wedding without coordinating all the elements. What is often forgotten as well is that most of us take our profession just as seriously as the rocket scientist couple who might hire us…. We constantly self-educate, train, and reach out to others in our industry to remain on top of our game.

So… how to put all that in a 10×8 booth?? Please see below:


There was four sections to our booth; The “entrance,” which was a bookshelf that depicted how our services are an All-Encompassing resource from beginning to end. The table that followed I called the “Details” table which had DIY place cards Sherry hand crafted and photos of the many wedding details we’ve helped put together. That display was followed by our sweetheart table (made deliciously stunning by the Wing Chairs we rented from Concepts Event Design). The tablescape was pulled together by Sherry’s ability to take my random ideas & make them a reality… finally, closing up the booth was a belly bar I called “Picture Perfect”- which depicted how our pre-planning & behind the scenes involvement makes all the great moments at weddings, Picture Perfect.

Here’s some more picture of the absolutely gorge-ous sweetheart table: I am a huge fan of everything contradictory yet complimentary.. what the what?? Yea, I like clean, simple, elegant styles… no shabby fluff, swirls, or overly complicated patterns, yet I loooove textures! The linens (also from Concepts Event Design) as well as the pillows from Z Gallerie, along with the placemats provided me that fix… the place settings, glassware, and silverware were understated and calm. Perfect Balance.

Now the flowers… let me tell you about the flowers… O M G… UUHHH-mazing!!

I was thrilled with the florals, which were the magnificent work of Nancy Stevens. I was floored with what she came up with for me after only talking to me about the booth for an hour & getting such vague, indecisive, and complicated instructions. I feared that my inability to name anything other than a white cynbidium orchid for my hanging vases on the backdrop, I had given Nancy what I thought was zero to go on… I recall telling her “I would like two arrangements and a bouquet… I want them to be sassy, organic, lots of texture, all white…a splash of deep purple and sage are okay but NOT much… I would like them to be funky but not weird… you know, classy but not boring…oh and I would like something to wear, preferably in my hair, but not feathery or a flower…” I can only imagine what Nancy was thinking when she heard me say that last part! Hello!? The woman is a florist, not a hair accessory maker… Ok well she nailed it anyway. She’s just THAT awesomesauce. The gorgeous pieces are currently adorning my office, and they were a hit at the show! Can’t tell you how many people picked up the bouquet, took pictures and asked about them. Good stuff!

Please don’t allow my lack of photography skills to tell you differently about Nancy’s talents… These were perfect. I wish I had been getting married and that these were my decor (p.s. the only good pic I got of the sweetheart table arrangement is above- oops!)…


Close-up of top of bouquet:

“Organic” or “Live” headband which consisted of orchid petals (purple) succulents, and the monkey tail. I am in the process of preserving this one with some stuff I bought at Michael’s, I’ll let you know how it goes. This is by far waaaay more unique than anything currently adorning wedding manes in my humble opinion.

Lastly, the arrangement she made for the “entrance” to my booth:

So that’s it folks! Sherry and I had an absolutely busy day from start to finish, it was non stop! I call the show a success. We met many brides, booked quite a few, and plan on doing it again.

P.S. The promo pricing we were running during the show has been extended! Please call or email us so we can talk wedding!




My friend & colleague, Sherry Tarrant

Wing Chairs, Linens, Sweetheart table rentals: Concepts Event Design

Florals: Nancy Stevens Flowers

Logo revamp, banner & Flyer design: Bamboo Star Studios

Logo dress: Fiveloaves Twofish Clothing

Drive & Motivation: My mom & husband

Inspiration: My current & future clients ❤

Bridal Nosh!

Together with Bridal Insider, I hosted the first Bridal Nosh this evening- and it was exactly what I hoped it would be!

What’s a Bridal Nosh you ask? Well A nosh is a nibble, snack, or otherwise a light meal. A Bridal Nosh, is where a bride planning her wedding can join me, and other brides, to chit-chat about ALL things wedding, her wedding, my wedding, her friend’s wedding… weddings, weddings, weddings- oh and the life that happens in between our weddings! Because I suppose there is a life beyond weddings… or is there?? Kidding 🙂

There is no agenda or discussion topics, there are no bored friends tired of hearing about the planning, no judging about what you’re doing or what you’re spending on your wedding… Just good ol’ fashioned conversation, yummy snacks, and real brides  to compare notes, and develop relationships with. Good times I tell ya! I had such a blast today, hearing the engagement stories, about the plans, and reminiscing about my own wedding too. In the midst of all the chatter, we only took one picture at the end of the night, sorry for missing the others- next time I’ll definitely have the camera on-hand while we’re laughing away the evening (and watching people crash into their own cars!)

Thank you ladies for joining Lori & I, it was such a blast! We very much look forward to the next Bridal Nosh in March!


p.s. The Noshing will happen every third Wednesday of the month from 6-8pm in the Cerimone Studio in Point Loma. Open to Brides Only~ space is limited, please be sure to RSVP to reserve your spot.

With Kecia & Darah- Wedding Date Twins!