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FAB Friday: Honeysuckle Inspiration Boards

Everyday there is someone who decides what the new trends for fashion are going to be, but the decision doesn’t come from an original idea or a thought suddenly hatched out nowhere…

In the fashion industry, every trend is decided through prediction based on past trends. In other words, what goes out of style today will more than likely come back around at some point in the future. Color trends cycle exactly the same, and the color forecasters at Pantone decided that Honeysuckle would be the “It” color for 2011.

Last year’s color was Turquoise; the color of tranquil waters in a far away paradise where one could feel immune of debt & ill financial decisions. Who would have thought that the downed economy would influence color trends? Since it did, Honeysuckle was chosen to force society to face their problems rather than hide from them, as 2010’s Turquoise had done. Eager to help boost the economy, Honeysuckle forces society to respond confidently and have courage to face daily challenges…such as shopping!

No more drowning your sorrows in imaginary Turquoise Caribbean waters! In Pantone’s words, Honeysuckle is a “Courageous, Confident, and Vital color…A brave color with nothing everyday about it.” We like it!

The “It” color of 2011 can be described as an orange sherbet shade of pink, retro, and uplifting, much like a color you would have seen grandma wear in the 1950’s. It was used as a splash of wall color for home décor (accent wall anyone?) as well as in appliances… after all the 50’s was the era that made being a domestic goddess trendy and cool with it’s technological advances such as microwaves and Tupperware, in none other than Honeysuckle pink!

You will see Honeysuckle used for  fashion, cosmetics, wedding apparel, paint, home interiors, packaging and even a visa card! We highly recommend all trend-setting brides to hop on the bandwagon of a Honeysuckle-hued wedding as it takes over the world…don’t know about you, but we are perfectly fine living in a pink world…


Intern Jess & Brenda


Swann Soirées party of Four!

Before I start, allow me to give you a heartfelt Merci Beaucoup… Yes, you, reading this blog entry. You’ve probably been here before, reading up on the endless words of recently acquired wisdom, unsolicited advice, ramblings, and recounts of personal accomplishments, weddings, and otherwise exhilarating milestones I’ve made as Swann Soirées, party of one. Thank you all for your love, mentor-ship, encouragement, and even for the bitter little jabs some have taken at me while I wasn’t looking… it all continues to motivate and encourage me to grow.

In late 2008, Kristy Eagle joined me as I entered a year of (then unknown) incredible accomplishment. It didn’t take long for her to start running her own weddings, representing Swann Soirées in a way that far exceeded the already-high expectations I had set for her.

Kristy making me proud! Photo by Bluewave Photographic

Many of you have met or worked with Kristy, and I am sure can agree with me when I say the girl makes me proud! With her loyalty by my side, I was able to surpass many of the goals I’d set out to attain last year (not to mention she helped SS improve on a few processes).  But alas, as with all good things (no, they don’t always come to an end)… they got better, and growth became very much a welcomed option.

Enter Megan Mills and Helene Isbell. Two absolutely amazing women now part of the Swann Soirées team!

Megan Mills

Megan, a San Diego native, and George Washington University grad, recently returned to the sunshine from the East Coast (can you say Navy Wife?), where she was working for a well-known wedding planning firm in Annapolis, Maryland. Tenured in Wedding Planning & Coordination of events that range from $20K- $300K in size, Megan’s career actually began in politics, in the non-profit sector, doing among many things, event fund-raising and planning ~on itty-bitty budgets…Which in my opinion are skills essential in wedding planning!

Helene Isbell

Helene is a Humboldt State graduate, who in her short life has already opened TWO successful restaurants in Nicaragua. Having spent my previous life in the Construction field, I can appreciate a person, and even more so a woman, who knows how to build from the ground-up! Not just a business, but also the physical structure that houses one’s dreams! Helene is fluent in Spanish, and will be our in-house Green-Wedding Advisor, (after all, you gotta put that Environmental Resource Engineering degree to good use!).

It is with immense excitement I announce Swann Soirées is now a party of Four! Shout out to Gabrielle Fox Photography for her amazing photo skills too!

We are so excited to be re-opening the 2010 Calendar year for your Wedding Planning & Coordination needs! Kristy, Megan, and Helene are available to help you with everything from Day-Of Coordination to Full Service Planning, and Hourly-Consulting!!  Contact us today to learn about the Promo Pricing available for your Wedding Day. Also, stay tuned for an invite to a casual Meet-and-Greet, with Megan, Helene, Kristy & myself coming in April, we’d love for you to come say Hi!