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Accessorizing for the Wedding Day | Yellow Headpieces

I am getting married in eight days!

As some of you may have noticed by my twitter posts, I am getting married next week!

Like every woman, on my wedding day I want to look stunning. I imagined my perfect look a few weeks ago, inspired by the color palette chosen for my wedding; Yellow and Orange.

I believe that a wedding day is happy and it should brighten up everything around you. I decided on the colors based on a picture of some beautiful Gerbera Daisies I saw in a magazine. It’s no secret I love Gerbera Daisies, some of you probably saw my Charmed by  Daisies Inspiration Board post based on the happy flowers right here a few months ago. The picture I saw gave me a feeling I wanted to emanate on my wedding day…I want that day to be joyous, charming and delightful.

My dress, designed and created by our just as delightful studio neighbor, Kit from Fiveloaves TwoFish, has yellow and orange accents…everything is focused around those two colors. When, it came time to accessorizing my look, I wanted the perfect pair of yellow heels but for weeks was unable to find the right shade, height, or style… then unexpectedly, I found really gorgeous pair that weren’t solid yellow but instead covered with orange, pink and a green flowery pattern- completely different from what I wanted at first, but I was smitten with them!

With the shoes bought it was time to find a headpiece. I’ve researched lots of websites for ideas with the intention of finding a piece I can make myself, but it’s so hard to decide or even focus with so many pretty & happy designs! During that hunt I found many wonderful yellow headpieces that I want to share with you today… you’ll see what I ended up with in just about a week!

Have you found your perfect wedding day accessory?


Intern Ania

Top (left to right): headpiece 1, headpiece 2,

Bottom (left to right): headpiece 1, headpiece 2, headpiece 3.