More than a one-night affair…

Sage, Purple & Lace | Liberty Station Point Loma, Real Wedding

Nothing beats getting to work on my home turf! This past April I was part of Rachel + Rick’s uber fun wedding day which took place at Liberty Station. The ceremony was held in the NTC Chapel followed by a casual cocktail reception in the Luce Court.

There were two things that made this wedding memorable (well actually a lot of things) but two that were particularly enjoyable for me. One, was the over grown seagulls which aggressively stole the sand-filled paper luminaries surrounding the parameter of the area, I am sure they were hoping for a burger and fries instead of votive candles. It is too bad I do not have photos to share of the hilarious scene they caused.

The other was how timelessly beautiful Rachel was… her dress was so delicate, romantic, and feminine. Her hair was sweetly tied into a side bun, make-up; dewey and soft – she was brilliantly stunning, and glowed even brighter when at Rick’s side. The way he looked at her was beyond adorable… so giddy yet in awe of his bride. Oh how the secret romantic in me ate it up! Enjoy these shots compliments of Aaron & Samantha at AS Photography.



This is my favorite photo of the day- it is the epitome of what a Wedding Day should be.


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  1. beautifully done my friend.

    October 13, 2010 at 12:11 pm

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