More than a one-night affair…

Inspire Me Monday

Today’s Inspire Me Monday starts with an idea for home decor project that hit me out of the blue, then turned into a creative wedding idea…

My husband, Jamie, and I have been in our new condo over five months now. When we first moved in, I painted a wall in our bedroom a cool, soothing hue of blue….

As you can see, the wall is cool and calming BUT still bare because I’ve been waiting for just the right “thing” to hang on it. It finally did during a recent Lake Tahoe trip last weekend! It was a GORGEOUS day for hiking in Emerald Bay, Jamie and I had the trail all to ourselves. The luscious shades of green were memorizing…and THAT’S when inspiration struck down on me. With Jamie unaware, I fell back to create a little distance between us and I began snapping away.

These photos would be perfect matted, framed, and hung in a single horizontal row to finally add some interest to our blue wall.

Now let’s translate this idea into something for your wedding! While the most common time for you and your fiance to be photographed (a lot) and consecutively is your engagement photo shoot, why not find a series of photos you’ve taken during your relationship… maybe from several different birthdays or different trips to the same place, heck, why don’t you take your camera on that next little getaway you take? You choose!  The photos just have to be the reflection of who you are as a couple. My home project is especially meaningful for us because Lake Tahoe is one of our favorite places in the world. So now, every time I look at our wall, I reflect on all the memorable times we’ve shared in there.

After your select the photos (or coordinated the engagement shoot)-  mat and frame the photos to use them as your “guest book.” No, this isn’t a new trend or anything you’ve not seen before, but like with everything in YOUR wedding, this little detail is for you to keep & enjoy for years to come- so it doesn’t matter if it’s been “done,” it’s all about adding those personal touches that makes it Yours.

Pay special consideration of how thick to mat your pictures in relation to how many guests you plan to have at your wedding; you want to make sure there’s enough space on the different frames for all of your guests to sign. You don’t want your matting to be too little, otherwise, you’re guests’ notes will be crowding your pictures. Equally, you don’t want your matting too big or else you may end up with gigantic gaps between their notes. This can be a DIY project (Michael’s always has GREAT sales on their matted frames), or you can get the pictures professionally framed. When choosing how to display your series of pictures be sure to consider the look and feel you are trying to achieve in the room.  If your space reflects a modern feel, go with simple frames that have clean, straight lines. However if your space has a traditional feel, you may want to consider a more ornate, decorative frame. As far as the matting goes, you can get creative with this too- don’t limit yourself to a white or ivory mat. If your pictures and frames allow it, consider a dark color like navy blue, hunter green, black even, then use white, silver, or gold pens for your guests to sign with and PRESTO! Now you’ve got something artistic and memorable to decorate your home with .

Have so much fun putting yours together!




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