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Purple, Orange, & Yellow | Eclectic Inspiration Board

Welcome to my first blog EVER!!! I am excited to announce that I, Sherry Tarrant, am the newest member of the fantabulous Swann Soirées team. Being deemed the resident Designer/in-house Foodie, I created this department for the sole purpose of making it sound more posh than it really is – Director of Creative Design for our Wedding Inspiration Department…that was a mouthful huh? So whenever I find myself inspired, find or eat something absolutely amazing, I will create these inspiration boards and share them with y’all in hopes to excite your imagination and help you create a Swanntastic Event! <–Brenda made me say that! LOL.

Let’s navigate through this lovely board shall we?

Starting from the center then moving to the upper left corner going clockwise. While I was finding a fabric to re-upholster stools at home, I found this very cool P Kaufman fabric which became the centerpiece for this inspiration board; I envision this fabric as the exterior covering of a canopy tent with its wide strands streaming all the way down from the top center point. Any outdoor setting will welcome this colorful, organic, and  unique design.

I luckily came upon these awesome cane finial lanterns on a website called  I would have these clustered in the center of the canopy tent to give an illusion of a chandelier. Then, I’d add the origami butterflies (explained in further detail below) as if they are swarming all around the lanterns, sparsely spacing them outwards throughout the entire canopy ceiling. Imagine how the center would look at night once all of the pillar candles are lit??? STUNNING!!!

Invitations By Nature, crafted this whimsical, graceful butterfly wedding stationary.

One of our local San Diego faves, Paula from Rae Florae is the talented florist responsible for the wild, fun, yet elegant boutenniere & bride’s bouquet pictured, in tones that are a perfect compliment to the P Kaufman fabric. I definitely recommend arrangements with wild flower blooms too, just like in the pics!

There’s just something so delicate, sweet, yet elegant about the Saffron gown by, ex-contestant of Project Runway, Melissa Sweet. Its stunningly soft silk organza flows down elegantly, the Swarovski crystal embellishments add just enough glimmer for the glamour. GOOOOOORGEOUS!!!

I can always count on Etsy to add to the details. Timeless Paper is the seller of this delicate butterfly place card you see in the bottom right hand side.

I am proud to admit that I have recently joined the bandwagon on crafting. All thanks to my chiquita bonita Dana, who last year, during our annual New Year’s trip, brought a crafting project that got me hooked. So to celebrate my new found love for DIY projects, with each inspiration board I create, I will always include at least one DIY personal Sherry touch! My DIY project for this board is butterfly origamis. This idea came to me as I was brainstorming on this design concept for this board. After having my heart set on the Butterfly wedding stationary by Invitations by Nature, I knew I needed to repeat the butterflies somewhere… by repeating it, I wanted to make sure that the decorative butterflies exuded more of a masculine presence. After much research and realizing that I still needed to pick my DIY contribution to this board…butterfly origamis were the obvious choice! I made these in no time and found both written and video instructions easily on the web! I found the video instructions more helpful…Oh and my husband’s reading over my shoulder, asking why I didn’t give him credit for making one of the origami butterflies; therefore “WE made them in no time.” I bought oragami paper that are in the blue and purple tones of the fabric.

On to the beautiful plate from Anthropologie, who doens’t fall in-love with something in that store?! I thought to splash of color at the dinner table with their Sliced Persimmon Dinnerware collection was Deee-licious before you even get to the meal!

On the left of the dinnerware, another Melissa Sweet gown, specifically for your bridesmaids, in canary, identified as Vineyard style 1419. This chiffon, full length blouson dress perfectly adds to the soft flowy feel of the design concept. The canary yellow is a nice summer accent color inspired by the P Kaufman fabric.

I absolutely love the intricate detail of the pipework on this decadent cake by Cakes by Dee-sign, in Farmington, NM. The details repeat the delicate and organic concept that is part of the wedding theme while flirting with a hint of elegance…How about this for a cake flavor; Chocolate Ginger cake with a Frangelico pear filling???  Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I am a true believer in a balanced design. I see design in many forms, one of them being masculine and feminine.  I find that the cane finials, origami butterflies, and wild flower blooms project add a bit of masculinity…BUT the over all feel is still flirty, feminine, fun, with a sheath of cultural grace. Thanks y’all so much for sharing in this creative journey with me. Til next time…




2 responses

  1. Danielle

    Yay! I’m glad you’re doing this on your blog. Love!

    June 12, 2010 at 9:56 am

    • We’re excited too Danielle! Thanks for the support love!

      June 15, 2010 at 2:33 pm

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