More than a one-night affair…

San Diego Fashion Show | Swann Soirées Social Events

Can I just tell you how incredibly excited I am to be doing my first fashion show??


Not just because it will be the first time doing this type of an event, but also because over the last year, I have gotten to know the talented designers of Fiveloaves Twofish Clothing not just professionally, but personally. Kit & Heather, owners & designers, moved their design house into the Barracks 19 Building (where Cerimone studio is located) last year, and since the day I caught sight of a really cute dress in the shop… it became shop at first sight!

Lucky for me (and my wallet)- I was unable to buy the made-to-order dress at that second. It turns out that each garment is custom-fitted to each customer. The whole process is quite lovely and a lost art really; from choosing your silhouette, the fabrics (sometimes even the buttons!), and getting measured, to scheduling multiple fittings before taking it home. While it does challenge the instant gratification bug we all seem to have developed in this day and age, it also blossoms an appreciation for quality of hand-crafted, individually designed, one of a kind pieces, that are made locally.  The bonus?? Well one; you feel like a designer yourself being so involved in the process, but you also know that the item you purchased was not mass produced in a questionable factory abroad (undeniably, there is almost no way to avoid that these days) but it never the less feels good that that one little purchase was a conscious one.

Among the many reasons I connected with Kit right off the first gasp at her fashions, was that she is an avid traveler. During her travels she buys some of the amazing textiles that fill her shop. She has everything from hand-knitted fabric from Guatemala, bought directly from the artist, to salvaged Kimono’s which she delicately takes apart and incorporates to other pieces. Every last piece of material is used, whether it’s for lining of a skirt, a headband, a rosette for a hair clip… nothing goes to waste, and great thought is put into the purchase of all the items which will leave the Design House. Can you tell I am a fan?

Okay but back to their Summer-Line Launch Fashion Show… When Kit asked me to be part of it, I almost cried in excitement! How could I not?! She scheduled the fashion show for the same evening of Liberty Station’s Friday Night Liberty. As you have probably seen me promote before, every first Friday of the month, NTC Liberty Station has ‘Friday Night Liberty”- the name honors the history of our location, which used to be the Naval Training Center, the term “Liberty” refers to the free time the sailors had to go have fun when not obligated to their training on the base.  FNL is a free, Open House event throughout NTC & the Promenade, where the many artist studios, businesses, museums, Dance House, and Karate Studio open their doors to the public for demonstrations and exhibits. When not busy with a wedding, the studio is open for visits during FNL (some of last year’s Toys for Tots efforts took place during FNL), sometimes I’m even able to feature an artist (Harpist, Amy Lynn Kanner was with us in February), this month I was going to feature DJ Oscar Otanez, buuuut instead, him and I both, are going to collaborate with Fiveloaves Twofish for their Summer Line Launch. Which by the way will include dancers from Malashock Dance, Drummers from the Recreational Music Center, and the deliciousness from Chi Chocolat & Banyan Catering at a reception (after the show) at their design house (located right below the Cerimone Studio).

Ok ok … I am done with the excitement (for now). Click here for more information on the show and Friday Night Liberty info. Below are some iPhone pictures from the rehearsal yesterday… I’d love it if you could come join us! Tell your friends! It’s going to be a good time!! If you want reserved seating, please rsvp here. Otherwise it’s first come, first serve!

fashion Show will take place in the Sybil Stockdale Rose Garden

The runway will be right over the water in the fountain!!

Oscar is ready! The mix of live music, drumming, and his mixes are going to rock!

Inside the Design House

Fiveloaves Twofish focuses on women & girls design...

...that are very feminine, fun, vibrant...

sneaky peaky!! Prepping for the show has been non stop!

This is my favorite shelf in the store. It's where most of the textiles bought from artisans abroad are kept.

Works in progress! See the red & white blouse-ish looking top... mine!

Some of the current young girls designs

I've been eye-ing this dress...and that beautiful necklace too!

This is a pic from last year, the first dress Kit ever made me (yes the silhouette that was shop at first sight!) ... which can also be seen here at my Toys for Tots fundraiser.


2 responses

  1. g

    I know Oscar! He used to sing to us way back in the days when he was our teacher! He is awesome and I remember his dedication! Congrats on your business and website!

    August 29, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    • Thank you so much! Oscar is quite talented! Love him ❤

      October 8, 2010 at 10:48 pm

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