More than a one-night affair…

March Weddings | Swann Soirées San Diego Wedding Planning

Goodness, I am overdue for a wedding blog!

I don’t even know where to start, it’s almost May, where did the time go?? March was an incredible month. Happy Happy Happy…That’s pretty much how I can sum it up!

It all started with Josel & Brad at the Immaculata & the Dana in Mission Bay, followed up by Shaina & Eric at Seagrove Park & Pacifica Restaurant, then onto a reunion with the Nefelar clan (first met them back in 2008 brother Bernie’s & Melissa’s Wedding) for Bermellyn & Russell’s wedding at Admiral Kidd… and closed the month off with Jenn & George at Maderas Golf Club. I often ask myself, does it get any better than this??

I know you’ve probably read or heard me describe one of my favorite parts of being a Wedding Planner… the relationships. Meeting all of the wonderful couples who allow me into their lives on what is a giant milestone for them. Often though, it’s not just them I interact with or get to know, it is their family, their friends, and sometimes even their dogs too! It’s such a pleasure, no matter how temporary or everlasting, to end up laughing and crying with them on the wedding day. Talk about validation of having found your passion, it is the greatest feeling… like getting that straight A’s report card. As an added bonus, I also get the opportunity to work with my favorite folks AND meet/work with new-to-me professionals in the industry, allowing a chance to learn and grow even more. I’ve yet to work a wedding where I didn’t learn something new that could help me be a better professional or person. American is often described as the land of opportunity, but really, I think Life is the opportunity.

Post wedding, I love looking at the photos or video highlights and seeing more than just a cake, or linens, or a person… flashbacks of emails about color swatches and cake tasting appointments… meeting the cousin or sister or God parent during one of the consultations… the moments that got us to the wedding day and that live on after… that is what life is about…a culmination of triumphs, errors, and all the in-between. Yeah, I am gonna say it, it is truly grand to be me. Blessed, Happy, Living, and Sharing these Uh-Mazing moments with so many people.

That pretty much sums up March, each wedding had their own highlights… I will share it below along with some pictures,I promise to update when I get pro shots.


Josel & Brad 3.12.10

Team: Pete Redell Photography, Starcross’d Creative, Fancy That! Flowers, Joe of JMC Events (DJ & Lights), A Perfect Table (linens), Sumi’s over (cake)

All the little one's at Josel & Brad's wedding. So attentive! They really understood how important they each were as part of the wedding party.

Josel's mom & dad, so many hugs & love from them... as if I was one of their own!

Shaina & Eric 3.14.10

Team: Pasion Photography, Cloudbreak Films, Miles Moyner (ceremony music), Joe at JMC Events DJ, Fancy That! Flowers, Sumi’s Oven (cake)

Eric right before

Eric right before seeing Shaina for the first time on the wedding day... the thumbs up was for his bout, he really liked it!

Shaina & Eric during their reception... nothing beats seeing your bride & groom so happy & relaxed.

Bermellyn & Russell 3.20.10

Team: En Pointe Photography, Starcross’s Creative in collaboration with Omni Stories (video), Just 4 Fun Entertainment (DJ & lighting), Lovely Chair Covers & Linens, Eldeweiss Bakery, flowers by Auntie 🙂

Bermellyn & Russell had a ton of little details in their wedding... these jars holding the guestbook signing pens describe them perfectly. It is how I aim to live, and exactly what surrounded them during their, laughs, and the reflection of a life well lived!

The families... nothing beats hearing your name hollared in glee, by people who remember you from two years before!

Jenn & George 3.27.10

Team: Tamarack Studios Photography, NR3 Video Productions, Fancy That! Flowers, Joe, JMC Events (DJ & lighting), Cupcake Squared (cake/cupcakes), The Sweet Studio (favors)

Cracking up with the best man as his toast was being delivered... This was the sight all night, glowing cheeks and smiles from ear to ear!

Sporting the official Wedding Kicks... because we all had to rock! Me & the Groomsmen kicking it in the lounge with the bride & groom at the end of the night.


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