More than a one-night affair…

Black, White, Red, Vintage Glam Wedding | Audrey + Ron 2.20.10

We’ve all seen newly-engaged glow, pregnant-glow, just-got-back-from-vacation-in Hawaii glow… but has anyone ever noticed Groom Glow? Frankly, I will admit to not noticing it before, at least not on a wedding day, not on the day of the rehearsal either, and certainly not in the wedding-planning months prior… but let me tell you, Ronnie, was glowing from head to toe from the moment I met him.

The Groom-Glow didn’t become blatantly obvious until rehearsal day, but as I sat at mass, witnessing their vows, I had time to reflect on the months leading to their wedding day. Ronnie was ALWAYS so happy, smiling, a doting fiancé very much excited to be part of the planning,  even his voicemail messages radiated some sort of warmth that was so cute to hear. I loved it.

On the day of the rehearsal, there was a lot going on, there always is, a bride can’t help but be a little out of her skin- I mean she is less than 24 hours away from a huge milestone! Excitement, happiness, anxiety, eagerness…so many emotions that just seep through every last pore of your skin… yea, that’s what makes the glow, and Audrey had it, but Ronnie, he was sportin’ it real good. It made me so happy to share these moments with them… There is something so knight-in-shining-armor-esque about the groom being so involved with all the details, pining over the every move of his beloved. Makes me melt just trying to write this post!

Their beautiful, bilingual wedding went smoothly, the details were divine… from the Mariachi Band that extended the cocktail hour with their festive songs, to the wax-sealed favor envelopes (filled with personalized postage stamps), and candy buffet with some of MY favorite childhood Mexican candies. Norma & John from NR3 Video Productions, along with Luz Del Sol Imagery were there to capture the day, Irene from A-Perfect table provided the gorgeous linens & dinner plate chargers that set the tone for this Vintage-Glam inspired celebration. Tessilk Flowers did a beautiful job with the centerpieces, bouquets and bouts, Todd Murphy was our DJ and Emcee for the night- and by the time all was done and they were picked up by their fit-for-the occasion, black Rolls Royce limo, Ronnie, was still glowing.

Cheers to many happy years to you both.


The amazing cake made by Purple Flours

Gotta love the Mariachi Bands!

The Ballroom

Loved the place-settings & favors!

On NR3's camera viewfinder

During their first dance, sometimes the iphone camera captures something cool!


3 responses

  1. Danielle

    WOW! My mouth just got very hungry for cake when I saw that picture! And I think that doing personalized postage stamps is one of the best ideas for a favor I have ever heard! It’s personal and sentimental, and something guests will actually USE, not another knick knack to gather dust!

    March 23, 2010 at 8:45 am

  2. Audrey

    Awww, thanks Brenda! Takes me back to see all our lil’ details. And I am glad that you were able to see all the wonderfulness that is Ronnie! He is truly amazing and the keeper of my <3.

    Thanks Danielle! My thoughts exactly. The idea for our favors came from a magazine, but were totally fitting as Ronnie and many of his family members work for the Post Office. Our point…Send Love!

    March 23, 2010 at 10:12 am

  3. I love Mariachi Bands! I always request them to play Malagueña Salerosa, it’s my favorite song and everybody plays it differently.

    March 23, 2010 at 12:57 pm

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