More than a one-night affair…

Happy 5-Year Anniversary: Sophie & Tyler

“When you are in love you can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams.”

~ Dr. Seuss


How time flies! I cannot believe it! Today is the FIVE YEAR anniversary of my dear friends Sophie & Tyler. Who coincidentally happen to be the very first couple whose wedding I was DOC for. Their wedding day was start of what I’ve grown to be today… Sophie’s trust, encouragement, referrals, (and French grammar skills) has been a huge contribution to the existence of Swann Soirées (not to mention her patience & forgiveness for all the mistakes I KNOW I made that day!). The feeling I got after being such a big part of Sophie & Tyler’s day is the same feeling I experience every single weekend when exchanging the same “Thank-yous, love-yous, and talk-to-you-soons” with my couples at the end of their night. I will never forget that day outside the Holiday Inn on the Bay, exhausted, sweaty, and totally thrilled…consumed with the possibilities and hopes… I vividly remember calling a friend of mine and telling him how incredible I was feeling after such a long day. Amazing!! It was a magical night… in so many ways! Granted, it took me a while to really get it all together, but they were the inspiration, start, and the accelerant.

Today, Sophie continues to provide me French grammar & spelling help (she speaks it fluently, and teaches it at a local high school). She and Tyler are parents to two of the most beautiful little girls you’ve ever seen, and to one of the coolest dogs ever, Miller (who was Flash’s class mate in puppy school, where Sophie, Tyler & I met!). They are amazing friends, the kind you thank your lucky stars for… LOVE YOU GUYS!

Félicitations Sophie & Tyler… Cheers to many, many, many more happy years together!!!

Miller & Flash at puppy School

Miller & Flash at puppy School


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