More than a one-night affair…

Fitness Endeavours: Week 2

I said it before, and I will say it again… I am not afraid of exercise, sweat, or any type of physical exertion for the benefit of my health, for fun or just because I can…I’ve got functional limbs & I’m gonna use them! Week #2 of training was fruitful on the strength building part, so-so on the athleticism, but a near failure on the nutrition part. Put it all together and I feel as if I am setting myself up for failure or perhaps just a really bad physical burn out!

I must point out that a few years ago I completely overhauled my eating habits; I truly don’t believe that I eat poorly or make bad choices, I also don’t stop myself from eating whatever I want, it’s a matter of portion & frequency control really, bottom line is that choices or nutritional value is not what I struggle with… It’s the actual consumption. BUT I am not sure why I am having an incredibly hard time eating with any sort of consistency- I don’t even know when I began to not require any sort of sustenance to make it through the day, nor how it is I don’t stop what ever it is I am doing long enough to have a bite… shoot I stop to update my facebook & twitter status, why not feed the belly??? Everyone knows, calories = energy. If you don’t eat, whatever eventually goes into the body, no matter how good for you it is, WILL turn to fat. >>SIGH<< So what is my deal??

I can tell you that I try to at least have one meal a day… and that’s usually breakfast. There is no grumpier Ogre than a Brenda without brekky. My norm is yogurt, banana, apple, some sort of carb (toast or bagel) with fatty happiness, ie: peanut butter or cream cheese…oh and sometimes I like to have me a BIG FAT scoop of cottage cheese… yuum!! I also looove OJ, or even some naked juice happiness…it’s like my coffee. But after brekky… it’s as if I forget or don’t make time, perhaps through the day, if it’s handy, I will have an apple or crackers or as of late,  hard boiled eggs as a snack, but that’s it. No more food unless I have a lunch or dinner meeting…where I devour my entire plate of food like some sort of cannibal. LOL. It’s actually quite the sight, reminds me of the friends episode: “Joey doesn’t share food!

But moving away from the struggles in the eating world, after week two, I am already noticing changes in my body from the work outs. This is when I am happy about the fact that I have been active most of my life… I can pretty much gage if and when my body is responding to a program (not to mention it helps me decide whether my money is being well spent or not). As of now, one of the most noticeable changes are in my core strength & posture (which are also the hardest exercises I think!). Being that I spend a lot time either sitting in front a computer or on my feet for 10+ hours a day, my core strength is incredibly important. There is nothing worse than back problems… I’ve seen people suffer immensely from having weak backs & bad posture. I do not want to be that hunched over person who can’t walk extended periods of time at 60, 40 or heck even at near 31! Not to mention that when you are 5’ 4” you want to add height anyway you can! Good posture helps give the illusion of a much taller & trimmer body ☺ When I first started seeing Greg we discussed this as being one of my fitness goals and he’s really been working me on it, as well as giving me simple tips to remember on days I’m up and about all day (such as wedding days), it makes such a difference! No more having to hide behind the DJ booth so I can do some quick yoga stretches! I have also noticed that my running endurance has improved, what a difference it makes to run with a strong core! Whoa! Loving it!!

Alright, so for week three of my twelve-week program, the goal to be tackled is the food…. Man, will I conquer it??!! Thanks for checking-in and for cheering me on!



3 responses

  1. Go Brenda!!! You will conquer because you can.

    July 21, 2009 at 8:25 pm

  2. Dayton

    Guess that means I will have to work harder so I can keep up with you.

    July 21, 2009 at 9:09 pm

  3. Audrey

    Brenda, you are my idol! I can related to all our fitness goals and realities. I am working on good posture and core strength for exactly those reasons. I think knowing yourself is important in staying fit. You’re doing great!

    July 22, 2009 at 10:42 am

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