More than a one-night affair…

Fitness Endeavours: Week 1

Endeavour- verb

1-    to exert oneself to do or effect something; make an effort; strive: We must constantly endeavor if we are to succeed.

That is exactly what this Fitness regimen I started is… an Endeavor. But not only because I am up & training by 7:00 am three times a week, but because this process, as described to me by my trainer Greg, is a tripod of efforts: Fitness, Diet, and a Lifestyle Change Commitment.  Having gone through a comparable lifestyle change before I got married in 2007, I KNOW what it takes to succeed,  and  I know how easy it is to just find the smallest of excuses to fall off the wagon, grab a Haagen Dazs,  and sit back with spoonful after spoonful of excuses on why “I deserve” the indulgence and a “break” from my established regimen.

As week one has come & gone, I have managed to become comfortable with effort #1, which I think may be the easiest for me: Two days of strength training, one day of athletic drills & a bit of running on my own (which should actually increase in both duration & frequency given I am attempting to run a half marathon come September!) As mentioned before, I am not scared of physical activity. Diet & Commitment, however, are the bigger challenges for me.  I do not have a problem with the eating of junk food or sweet treats as implied above… What happens to me is that I will skip meals without a second thought and it isn’t until I am starving  that I manage to get myself something to eat…maybe, if its not too late at night by the time I break down & decide to eat, and if its easy. I am more likely to skip meals if it’s just too inconvenient. I am not sure when or how it happened that it became a habit to just skip-on through lunch and even dinner sometimes, often I wake up with the worst hunger pangs, which I ignore until I “have time” to attend to them,  in the recent months, I have been holding off hunger with apples, gallons of water & crackers… boxes and boxes of crackers. Wow, talk about a recipe for perma-bloating!

Wow- I just realized that writing this blog post seems like a confession of some sort. Its embarrassing yet motivating…

Anyhow, on to the forward strides  for Week One now though:

Everyone knows that exercising at least 30 minutes a day, 2-4 times a week is good for you, it gives you more energy and helps you be alert. So I don’t really need to tell you that on at least three days out of my week, I am fabulously energized and completely ready to take on the world after my early workouts, but since I just did, let it serve as a frist hand account for the future. Two of the most noticible things, are that my days seem to be extremely productive, and I do not feel drowsy as the hours go by. I think what is to be specifically noted, is that with the increased energy comes the ability to get good rest… I am sleeping like a baby! Granted some days I still have “irregular” hours in comparison to the rest of the world but never the less, my slumber is quite divine. I’ve not been waking up at the every sound of the night like I normally do, I can’t describe how  great  it is not to look at the clock every few hours dreading waking up because I can’t seem to get enough consecutive hours of sleep. But believe me, good sleep = happy Brenda!!

I didn’t weight myself this week, I am trying to focus on the benefits which are not numerically measurable, I will reveal numbers though later though. So stay tuned!!


One response

  1. Alli E.

    girl, I feel you on all counts. I’m prone to skipping meals and neglecting my overall health! My diet counselor told me that even at 1200 calories per day with 1 hour of running/walking I could still gain weight because my body had become conditioned to living on less. GRR!! SO when my friends were all losing tons of weight and they were eating 1500 calories, I was frustrated.

    Don’t weigh in, just try pants on. That’s what works for me. You’re gorgeous and sexy girl, but it’s awesome that you’re working so hard. Keep it up mama!

    July 7, 2009 at 12:38 am

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