More than a one-night affair…

Cerimone: Now Officially, Open Open Open!!!

Upon her arrival at Cerimone yesterday, one of my former clients & “sister” said to me; “It’s your turn to be nervous!”  Ha! Was she ever so right!
What an incredible night it turned out to be! I felt as a bride does on her wedding day… the nerves, anticipation, and light speed of the evening. Yowza…where to begin to recount the moments??
Thank You’s are in order to the following folks, for if it wasn’t for their support, our opening party wouldn’t have been a success:

  • Irene at A Perfect Table provided the beautiful linens that turned a barren empty room, into an urban-chic space ready for the buzz that hummed through the walls all the way to the parking lot!
  • Dave at Hit It Music Productions‘ gave the room the sass & flair needed to compliment the POW on the wall- That’s right, the POW, as in the gobo that flashed on the wall letting all who came in know where they had arrived… or at the very least that WE have arrived.
  • Bill Calhoun provided the tunes that were drowned out during the peak of the party, when it was elbow-to-elbow for those who joined us, then the uber killer dance beats late into the night… literally until they shut the lights off on us! Never the less, we partied in the dark though!
  • Paula with Rae Florae brought us the finishing touches to adorn the room.

Lastly, the sisters of Beta Iota (plus husbands), who provided not only the deliciousness enjoyed by all, but their love, support and energy which has helped nurture us on our journey here. I tell you, there is nothing more beautiful and wonderful than family & friends.  How does a girl get sooo lucky!?
Academy Thank Yous aside, the turnout was magnificent, the studio earned praises all night (props to the talents of designer Allison Smoley), making the late night taping-off-in-the-dark adventures seem even that much more worth-while! Not to mention the favorite part of any party… the cocktails rocked!  That’s right, LIGHT, INK & IDEAS go down real easy when served on ice. YUUM! As the night went on, I found myself looking around in awe of it all… as faces flashed by, hellos, goodbyes, congratulations & good luck… Holy Smokes! I am really here… I am living the dream! When does the high stop? Or does it? I hope not… I want to forever be this happy, excited, and alive! Yes…this is my natural state of excitement, are you kidding? You would be this stoked too I am sure.
I never forget to count my lucky stars! Now it’s time to really shine…

Cocktail anyone??

Cocktail anyone??

Bill Calhoun!!

Bill Calhoun!!

YYUUUMM! Sista Love right here!

YYUUUMM! Sista Love right here!

We seem to have that affect on people~

We seem to have that affect on people~

Boom Boom POW!

Boom Boom POW!

LIGHT~INK~ IDEAS cheers to delicious drinks!!

LIGHT~INK~ IDEAS cheers to us!!

* Facebook album from  the evening click here.

**All Photos on post by Melissa McClure


One response

  1. Milisa

    I wish I could have made it to the opening!!! Congrats again!

    June 19, 2009 at 9:22 am

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