More than a one-night affair…

What exactly is Cerimone?

The new "office"- Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

The new "office"- Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

The short of it, it’s my new office.

Cerimone Studio is where Swann Soirées now calls “Home,” “Base,” “Head Quarters,” “Shipping/Mailing Address,” etc. etc.  Swann Soirées is very much still it’s own company & entity (although I am sure some of you would beg to differ on the amount of entities, ie: personalities, I have).  Never the less, I am here to stay.

The long(er) story of Cerimone Studio:

You’ve read the gist of it in previous posts, it is the Fusion of Light, Ink & Ideas- the medium in which each of us,  works in. Melissa, Cathy & I will not just share a working space, but provide unparalleled services to clients looking to have unforgettable celebrations, be it a wedding, anniversary party, birthday, baby/bridal shower, school event, corporate event, military function, etc. Collectively, we will provide unrivaled services…an epicenter of resources & peace of mind for any event. However, each of us will still function separately, servicing clients individually when preferred.

What’s the name mean? How do you say it again?

Cerimone pronounced {sara-monet}  means many things; collaboration, passion, love, dedication, flair, energy, innovation…I could go on for days. But it’s the concoction of a ponderous afternoon, where it all came into place without effort or argument… In a very Cinderella-esque sort of way really, like the glass slipper, it just fit. But for those of you who like breakdowns, it went a little like this:

Originating with the French words for representations of our individual companies.

Melissa: Cherry = Cerise, Cathy:Love=Amour, Brenda: Swan=Cygne

Ceri+mo+ne = CERIMONE

And the rest… is history in the making dear friends…. the future awaits…


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